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  • Purelene Camille Enriched Lotions

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    – Formulated with rich moisturizers and
    emollients to protect and soften your skin.
    French formula for that perfumed
    and moisturizing need. Aloe-vera for
    naturally soothing the skin before and
    after exposure to the sun. Cocoa
    Butter for moisturizing and removing skin
    blemishes and spots leaving an even tone.

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  • Purelene Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion

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    – Contains pure natural Jamaican cocoa
    butter in a rich, smooth and fragrant all-
    purpose moisturizing lotion. Helps restore
    and control essential moisture balanced
    and prevents dry-skin, wrinkles, and
    lines, caused by overexposure to sun and
    wind. Ideal for massaging both the face
    and body. Also helps relieve stretched
    skin during and after pregnancy.

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  • Purelene Egg & Protein Shampoo

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    – PH Balanced for a gentle yet highly
    effective cleansing. Rinses away,
    leaving your hair with more body, more
    manageable, and looking naturally

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  • Purelene Hand Soap

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    – Tough on germs, gentle on hands.
    Pink grapefruit, lemon & herbs and

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  • Purelene Instant Conditioner

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    – Contains all essential ingredients needed
    to beautifully condition your hair. It work
    fast and rinses easily, leaving your hair
    with the manageability you want. Use it
    every time you shampoo and detangle
    your hair making it easier to style, shiny
    and healthy looking.

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  • Purelene Multivitamin Bergamot

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    – Bergamot oil and vitamins A & E have
    been added to this light, fragrant blend
    of oils that lubricates the scalp and
    softens the hair. Helps control hair
    breakage and conditions hair while giving
    a natural sheen.

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