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  • Purelene Multivitamin Black Hair Grower

    Specially formulated with natural oils,
    vitamins A & E, and Beeswax, for normal
    to dry hair. Apply to hair and massage
    into scalp to soften and moisturize hair as
    it grows, leaving it more manageable with
    a silky sheen.

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  • Purelene MultiVitamin Hair Food

    A blend of natural oils and vitamins A & E.
    – Use on dry, dull and brittle hair for a soft
    feel and lustrous look.
    – Use daily and after shampooing as a

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  • Purelene Natural Cocoa Butter Cream

    – A smooth and fragrant all-purpose,
    moisturizing cream containing a high
    concentration of natural cocoa butter.
    – Ideal for massaging both the face
    and body removing stretch marks, skin
    blemishes and spots leaving a smooth
    even-toned skin.

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  • Purelene Nursery Jelly

    Produces barrier against moisture and
    wetness preventing diaper rash and
    other minor skin irritations

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  • Purelene Petroleum Jelly

    – Ideal for hairdressing
    – Helps soothe minor sunburns, cuts,
    abrasions, and other minor skin irritations
    – Conditions brittle nails and softens
    calluses and keeps feet soft

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